Nurse Receives The Daisy Award for Lifesaving Infant Care Lauren Ricks, RN

Hanford Birth Center nurse Lauren Ricks, RN recently received The DAISY Award for saving a newborn’s life. The award recognizes extraordinary nurses throughout the United States.

The baby boy, who was born full term and seemed healthy, was being prepared to go home. But Lauren didn’t feel comfortable with that idea, his mother wrote.

Lauren Ricks, RN


“Lauren Ricks saved our son’s life,” she shared, by properly doing the newborn screening and, “trusting her gut that something wasn’t right.”

Instead of going home, the newborn was sent to Valley Children’s Hospital, where he was diagnosed with multiple heart birth defects. “The surgeon had said he would have only survived hours or days at best if his defects were not corrected.”

The infant went through an 11-hour surgery and stayed in the hospital for six weeks. “It was the longest six weeks of our lives … but we owe everything to [the] medical team,” she said. “Lauren will forever hold a special place in our hearts and in our home.”


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